October Newsletter

We have officially hit the Fall season as we head into October! September was a quick month as we learned to navigate all of the new changes. Let's hang in there and give October a try!

During the month of October we will be studying: Letters D, E, and a review of the first 5 weeks. Themes are Dinosaurs, Emergencies (Fire Safety), Reviewing Letters A-E and numbers 1-5, and Halloween!

We will be having individual Halloween parties in each classroom on Thursday Oct. 29 and the kids are invited to dress up in their costumes! We do not allow weapons or anything considered scary. If your child stays all day then we encourage "play clothes" to change into for the afternoon if you'd like. If you do not celebrate Halloween, then you are welcome to skip that day of school. We chose Thursday to include the most children that we could in one day. We will see that a treat bag is given to ALL kids that week!


* We will be closed Monday Oct 12 for Columbus Day. 

* Part time Preschool starts at 8:30. With drop off being quicker and somewhat easier on everyone and with the weather starting to change, there's no need to arrive 15 min. early for 8:30 drop off.  If you see other kids coming in, they are paying for all day school or an early drop off fee. 

* Masks are still being encouraged as much as possible and actually going very well! I am so proud of the children for wearing them, not losing them, not sharing them and for making it a part of their school routine!  We want to encourage good health and follow the guidelines from those people who make it their mission to keep us all safe. We always have extra masks if you forget or would prefer us to supply your child with one. We will be happy to do that. Parents and guardians that step into the building downstairs need to wear a mask as well. Even though you're just inside and not upstairs, it is still necessary to wear a mask. Thank you for understanding the rules in place and doing your best to follow and encourage!


* As we navigate through the cold/allergy season, we are trying to be understanding if your child has a clear runny nose. Please work at home on good hygiene when it comes to wiping or blowing their little noses. If the discharge is discolored, then they need to stay home. If we see a soiled mask, then we'll supply them with a new one and have you wash the dirty one. If the child needs continuous assistance with their noses, then it would be best to keep them home. We are working tirelessly to keep everything clean and sterilized so we need your help as well!

* The kids are loving Jesus Time with Pastor Tom! I told you at our parent's meeting that his enthusiasm and love for kids would be a huge asset for the preschool and that is exactly what I am seeing! 

* Thank you to all of our families for your patience and understanding as we make changes to our routines. Drop off and pick up are so different than in years past and we want to make sure we are doing everything possible for your kids to feel happy coming in! Know that sometimes we aren't right there at the check in spot or security camera so you might have to wait for minute or two. We are also working our way through the Brightwheel app and I love everything about it except for the billing :).  I'll get it though and thank you for understanding. We have 32 kids and what seems like 32 different billing options!

* Stay healthy. Stay safe and let's keep this year rolling! I am incredibly proud of the teaching staff for continuously caring for your kids, cleaning the rooms and toys, and never losing sight of learning through having fun! They are here 10 hours a day and never ever complain. They are dedicated to your kids and you should be proud that they are here! 

God's Blessings to you and your family!

Miss Cindy

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