October Newsletter

We have hit the month of October with the excitement of a super fun holiday coming up and the changing of the seasons! During this month we will study the Letters G, H, I and J. Themes for the month will be Gourds & Gardens, Halloween, Insects and Jack O'Lanterns. We will also learn about the numbers 7, 8, 9 and 10.

We will be off on Monday Oct 11 for Columbus Day.

Our Halloween Party at school is scheduled for Thursday Oct 28 and will be from 8:30-11:00. If your child doesn't usually attend on Thursdays, they are welcome to come that day for the party hours. They do not need to wear a costume for the party because we will be dressing up for the program that evening.  For the night program, kids should be up in the classroom no later than 5:45 and dressed for the program. We ask that the costumes be easy to walk around in and able to see well out of any face covering and please no weapons!!  The program will consist of 5-6 songs that we have practiced! This is one of our favorite programs! Notes will be sent out soon reminding those who signed up to bring something to the Halloween party- It's so easy to forget!

Please send your kids in weather appropriate clothing and jackets... we do try to get outside if at all possible. We will soon be changing out the "extra clothes" that they keep in their cubbies too for those incidental days.

It is still important to sign in with the QR codes in the morning. If someone else is bringing your child for you, you can still scan the code at home and answer the health screening questions and have them signed in. If you're having trouble with this process, ask for help and we'll work through it! This has become a great attendance tool for our classrooms.


During this month we will be collecting items to be donated to the Operation Christmas Child project at the First United Methodist Church. You will receive information in your child's backpack about what kinds of special items are needed. We will donate the supplies to go towards boxes to be sent. There will be a box just inside the door for the item drop off! This is a very special project that specifically targets children in other countries around the world that might not get Christmas gifts or hear about Jesus. It should be our mission to do our part in sharing what we have with other kids! Kids loving other kids! Thank you for helping us send boxes... stay tuned on how many we get filled up!

Happy October!!!